How to instantly improve your essay writing skills?

For a few students, with each essay comes a challenge of making it that much better than the one they wrote last time. The problem is when you are frequently writing essays, you can easily get fixed into repeating the same formula each time, especially if you have good feedback from your teachers after they’ve gone through your essay. So how can you make your next essay from extraordinary to most extraordinary? 

Check out the following handy tips and procedures that can assist you in writing phenomenal essays: 

Read the essays written by others:

Go through a wide range of subjects. You don’t necessarily need to go through only those subjects you are studying; reading some other kinds of topics will help you build your knowledge and understand your argument style. So, the more thoroughly and extensively you read, the more potential strategies and techniques are there for you to get and use in essays of your own. For instance, for those of you who are thinking, “How to write my essay for me?” the broadsheet newspapers are also a decent source of good essays to read. 

Building your vocabulary and using it appropriately:

If you have a good vocabulary, you can easily and clearly express your ideas to your readers. Choice of words is a trait of every single quality essays because readers (and your teachers) don’t want to waste their time with long, meandering points, which could have been expressed in very few words (maybe half the number you’ve already used). 

When you use advanced vocabulary in and effective and accurate way, you can communicate your ideas clearly and to-the-point. A good essay author ought to never become complacent regarding vocabulary; it requires continuous research, as you’ll find more words evolving that you can learn use effectively to convey your point. Additionally, using a good stock of words is a sign of your intelligence and helps you structure your essay convincingly. 

Let’s check the ways you can build on your stock of words: 

Sign-in and subscribe to a ‘word a day’ email. Create a new folder in your email for emails related to new words, so you can record each email and collect them in one place so that you can go through and learn from them when you are free. 

Do an extensive reading, and allude to a dictionary for the unknown words; like this, you’ll not only become familiar with the new word but also learn how to utilize it appropriately. Go through different classifications of fiction, non-fiction of different topics, and you’ll be able to build your vocabulary and general knowledge. 

The thesaurus usage– if there are the same words you are regularly using, try to bring some variation in your language by checking those words in a thesaurus and finding different words that mean the same. Here is a caution: you can’t always interchangeably use the words that you find in thesaurus; even words having the same meaning can differ in such a way that it makes them improper in specific settings. So, find out the instances of a word utilized accurately before using them for the first time. 

It’s essential to learn the suffixes, prefixes, and roots while you try to ‘Write my college essay” because you can learn many words through them.

Start a book for vocabulary –Get yourself a notebook you can use to collect new words and their implications/meanings. Noting their definition down will help you in remembering it. You might also add an instance of how the word is utilized, which can help you remember it for using in essays. It might help if you have different segments for words on specific subjects; you could have a general section, and afterward, other sections could be made for words to be used in essays for science, history, etc.  

The technique of Elevator pitching:

This is a procedure that the sales reps use when they are trying to persuade a client to purchase an item into the briefest possible synopsis as to why he/she ought to consider buying it. The salesman is asked to imagine as if he is in an elevator. He should be ready with a convincing and compelling argument as to why the client would buy the product or want to get more information about it, all this within the time the elevator takes to reach the floor. Your essay’s Elevator Pitch essay should be selling its idea to a reader, thereby generating the interest for reading the essay. This exercise is quite challenging, as it drives you to be strongly concise in your reasoning and the selection of words. However, this summary can help you compose your introductory part of the essay, and it’ll help you present your views to your readers clearly.  

Mention to the reader what others state: 

Essays allow you to showcase how extensive your knowledge is; therefore, you must quote others’ assessments and original sources on your writing topic. For instance, if your purpose is to write a historical essay on England’s earlier religious practices, you can refer to original texts specific to that subject and mention the current researchers’ opinions about the point. You must look out for differentiating perspectives; it’s impossible that everyone concurs on the point, so show you’ve researched all the potential points. 

For every subject, you are researching, have a separate page in a notepad for notable individuals who worked in that field. This page should also contain the synopsis of the time they lived and their opinions. Like this, you will have some information that you can refer to while you structure an essay and want to consult with the best research people or different authors whose viewpoints you might like to add. 

Don’t go for an excessive quotation; try to mix the references in with your own conclusions so that it doesn’t seem as if you are just parroting others’ opinions. It’s OK not to concur with the researcher’s findings that you’ve quoted if you can prove it and present your reasons to do so. This signifies that you have deeply thought about it and thus arrived at a conclusion of your own, instead of believing the researcher’s opinion aimlessly. This exhibits exceptional aptitudes of critical thinking, which is a vital sign for a brilliant student.


Therefore, it is essential to organize your thoughts and remember these tips to write an intriguing essay.